Spring Break, Spring Cleaning

Spring Break Spring Cleaning Evanoff Dental

Spring Break, Spring Cleaning

Spring break is just around the corner. If you are planning on staying in Muskegon, why not take advantage of a little wiggle room in you or your family’s schedule and visit the dentist? If you know it is time for a cleaning but you do not really feel like “wasting” spring break at the dentist, let us just remind you that a cleaning appointment can take as little as an hour! Just a quick visit and you will still have the day to yourself for whatever stay-cation fun activities you are planning for your family.

What to expect at your cleaning

At your visit, we will take any necessary x-rays and the hygienist will clean all of those leftover Peeps and jelly beans out of your teeth. Next, the dentist will perform a complete examination to screen for decay, gum disease, oral cancer and sleep apnea as well as review your x-rays. The dentist will then go over a complete treatment plan for you or your children if anyone is in need of further dental treatment.

Beyond the surface

A regular dental appointment is about so much more than just cleaning your teeth, it is about educating. The hygienist who cleans your teeth will discuss the proper way to floss, remind you and your children how often to brush (at least twice per day), and give you pointers on maintaining a healthy smile. A visit to the dentist can help reinvigorate the commitment to taking really good care of your oral health.

So as you can see, in that brief appointment a whole lot gets done. Plus, you will also head out the door with a new toothbrush and other dental goodies, so that is always a bonus!


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